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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learning Communities

This journey that is education needs pit stops and rest areas. Those opportunities can come in the form of learning communities when the conditions are right. These groups and meetings are a chance for celebration and sharing. All teachers have something unique to them that they bring to the classroom. The key is to tap into all of those idiosyncrasies and allow them to drive team building and the focus of learning communities. The data will always be there; as will the approaches towards interacting with it and moulding it to suit your school's focus and interests. But let the people in the room inspire the route that the learning path will take. We, as professionals in the classroom, have the finger on the pulse (so to speak) of learning in our room. We see how the activities go on a daily basis and should be able to provide meaningful feedback about where the next step should be in our classroom practice.

Teams of learners make up every staff. Most days we are thinking about our next move as we perform our present one. We want to push things forward, but need the time and support to do so in an efficient and hopeful manner. That’s the way we run our classrooms, and it’s the way we are most comfortable operating. With so many different things to implement and strive for as a teacher; it only makes sense to put your time and effort in the ones that inspire you. Pick it wisely – it may define your course more than you anticipate. Learn from each other and together gains are made.

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