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Inquiry Resources and Links

1. "Putting the Spotlight on Learning: Cultivating Self-Directed Learners by Design" (Dr. Kathryn Nance & Dr. Suzanna Klaf) -

PLC Resources

Video Resources
2. "Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms" - TED Talk (RSA Animate) (12 min)
3. "The Independent Project" - A high school in the US where a few students started a school within a school - SDL based (15 min)
6. Self-Assessment Library - Edugains
7. Ted Talk: Every Kid Needs a Champion by Rita Pierson (8 min)
Teaching and learning should bring joy. Kids that aren't afraid to take risks, who are not afraid to think. They need adults that will never give up on them and insist that they become the best that they can possibly be. 

Powerpoint Resources
1. "Student Directed Learning Strategies" - SDL and Constructivist Model - Slideshow Pres. (downloadable)
2. Self-Regulation in Reading - Deborah L. Butler, University of B.C. (Aug 2012)
3. "Learning is the Work (Webcast) - Curriculum Services Canada - In this resource you will see two grade 8 teachers and their vice principal engaged in inquiry related to improving student achievement.

Print Resources
1. "Criteria for Excellence: Scientific Investigation" - Self-Directed Learning Website.
2. "Setting their own Goals and Schedules" - Professional Speaking, OCT article about Mary Ward H.S. - Self-Directed Learning)
3. Reading as thinking: “Critically” constructing meaning of text (.pdf) - Mary Abbott, The Critical Thinking Consortium
8. Framework for Student Learning - Government of Alberta

Websites, Blogs & Wikis
1. (Website) Inquiry-Based Learning - Follow two teachers as they learn about inquiry-based learning (funded through Ministry of Education - TLLP)
2. (Blog) Inquiry-Bsaed Learning - Louise Robitaille (same project as above)
6. (Blog) My Classroom Transformation - Joanne Marie Babalis
7. (Website) Animal Inquiry - Read Write Think
9. (Website) Inquiry Hub - Coquitlam Open Learning


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