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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Building Our Personal Capacity

“What you cannot see can be seen from a different part of the mountain”

Climbing down the mountain will reveal that the valley is your true mountain. It is not until we do uncomfortable and unplanned things that we can realize our purpose and true sense of fulfillment.

Our comfort zone has been carefully crafted and meticulously planned. To step outside that place is to journey into the darkness and experience the uncertain.

It takes time to understand what we think we need; it is not until we are forced to deal with an uneasy situation that we can appreciate what we actually needed.

Humans are selfish creatures. But, change is imminent and necessary to attest to our inner most desires and needs. We will learn to live with the change, and in time, it will become the thing that needs changing again.

The cycle begins and ends with you and your decision to live – instead of absolving yourself from life’s struggles and enjoying your comfort zone.

What change lies in front of you and how will you resolve it?

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