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Sunday, November 18, 2012

"We Inspire Futures" - A Sharing Community

I wanted to take a moment to invite my readers to a new teaching community where your opinions, questions, insights and advice can be shared - I have been lucky enough to contribute to this site as a teacher and share some of my experiences in - and about - the classroom and nature of the profession.

By "inspiring futures" we are able to go to work each day with the promise and potential for making a difference and reaching a mind. The students in front of us bring new views and talents and it is our job to harness their creative potential and help to shape their pathway for success.

I encourage you to check out "We Inspire Futures" and share your stories, in an attempt to enrich your own journey and those of the people working all around you. A safe space for questions and a collaborative online forum for idea sharing and generating - this is a site that may inspire you to find your voice and reach out to a global teaching audience.

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