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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Curious Questions to Open Professional Practice

One of the greatest obstacles to overcome in the context of change management and instructional development is the perception of everlasting change. As a teacher, one of the most difficult ideas to come to grips with is that your practice is in need of changing. As a result, many educators opt to be stagnant and keep quiet – and only do what they have to do.

We need to become better at selling change.

A conversation grounded in the need for change will often do nothing to invoke a real change. Instead, use “curious” questions to get to the real heart of the matter when it comes to examining professional practice:

How does this benefit students?
How will this method reach your classroom audience?
How does this activity improve student learning?
How will we be able to see the gains in student achievement?
How does this teaching style capitalize on your teaching strengths and abilities?
How does this approach take into account multiple entry points for learning and student preferred learning styles?

Beneath the murky waters of driving school improvement – there lies a truth…

We are all in the business of doing what’s best for students. Check your ego at the door and open your mind to the possibility that your own personal growth and development rests on your ability to become pliable and receptive to professional change and improvement.

The path of educational progress lies ahead…

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