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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who Speaks for Our Students?

All caring adults do. We empathize with their emotions and advise them on their actions.

All parents do. We understand them - profoundly - in innate ways that cannot be measured or described.

All educators do. We plan, teach and assess in a way that supports who they are, what they care about and how best they can demonstrate the learning.

All communities do. We make decisions in meetings to plan for their future and support their present in our facilities and our programs.

All society does. We cultivate a future pathway that is promising and desired by talking of responsible citizenship and promising tomorrows.

But, what about students? 

Do we let them, truly, speak for themselves? If we stopped and took the time to LISTEN TO THEM – we would, finally, be able to imagine their insights and realize their dreams. Students have much to say, and with our listening silence, comes an opportunity to change our pathway and support their ambitions.

Let's allow them to speak for themselves.

This image was created by graphic artists by using the insights and beliefs of Ontario’s students on what they imagined the future of Ontario’s education should look like. Take a look and see for yourself what our students want their educational world to look like.

Image: Ontario Ministry of Education

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