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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The Carrot"

For any student - there is a carrot. As teachers we strive to discover it, try to realize it, hope to find it: the thing that drives them. This carrot could be the thing that they come to school for. It could be the very thing they race through your lesson activities - to have a chance to do this. For class management and programming, it should be an integral part of your plan for that student. Over the years, I've taught drawers, writers, bloggers, readers, sports-junkies, gamers, bandies - they all have found the thing they are excited by and that gives them purpose and meaning. Teach to it. Remind them of it. Mention it as you have a minute walking by their desk. It will awaken them and give you a place in their world. Building rapport with students is nothing more than validating what matters to them. For me it has always been respecting them and expecting it back. Intermediates especially want the freedom and attention that comes from being almost-adults. Let them feel that when you speak to them - not at them. They will only remember the things worth remembering - which is 99% not taught, but experienced.

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