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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Engaging Students

Ignite. Incite. Inspire.

These 3 words should drive our instruction and motivate change. The change will come in not only the data collected, but in the attendance numbers. Both teacher and student working together as instruments of learning. Every year our classes are as much for US to learn from, as we are for THEM to learn from. With the increased focus on technology in the classroom and removal of barriers that suppress creativity and stunt individual learning growth for many of our students - we are heading in the right direction.

Instead of pulling out that worksheet that always goes well, scrap it just before the lesson starts and wing it. My best lessons have always come from spontaneous things and risk-taking. Teachers should have an innate ability to entertain and improvise - in everything they do. See where the lesson goes. Hand over the controls. They will drive you somewhere (not crazy of course) if you're willing to tag along.

Students know what they want and they equate it with what they need. Listen to them.

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