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Friday, May 20, 2011

The 100th Post!

Well, it has been a very interesting few months. Implementing new technologies in my classroom practice, sharing ideas with colleagues, developing capacity at the leadership level and thinking-rethinking current educational practices - what a ride!

For starters, thank you for your interest and feedback in my writing and the current issues at hand in our educational system. Without your posted comments, shared articles and level of interest - this would be merely online rambling. Your involvement as an audience has allowed me to hone in on the real issues, share my views and challenge myself as to how it can be best served for our students and colleagues.

I thought it would be important to revisit some of my favourite posts as a reflection on the first 100. Who knows what directions the next 100 will take?

Here are 15 that I have chosen:

1. Engaging students
2. What's wrong with the boys?!?
3. Colleagues - Not Competition
4. Is Special Education Special Anymore?
5. Declining Enrollment - A Good Thing?
6. Video Games and Learning
7. The 21st Century Classroom - Parts 1 and 2
8. Why are Male Teachers Leaving?
9. Should Teachers be Paid for Results?
10. Intermediates Belong in High School
11. Childhood Obesity - How to Save Students from Themselves
12. Self-Directed Schools - Students Without Classes
13. Why Rural Schools Matter
14. Cyberbullying - Putting a Face to the Anonymous
15. Promoting "Play" in the Classroom

Just "search" the title of these posts if you would like to have a read....

Thanks again for your continued support!


Mike Abernethy said...

Hey, Mr. Finney, congrats on the hundredth post. It's definitely been interesting reading them!

nfinney said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for being interested in these issues. I look forward to any other comments or feedback that you have in the future.

Janet Lee said...

Hi Neil!

Just wanted to congratulate you on your 100th post! Your dedication to writing, teaching, and learning is an inspiration!!

All the best!
Janet Lee

nfinney said...

Thanks Janet Lee. It has been an interesting past year and the bulk of this reflective activity began with your course last summer. I hope your school year has delivered on all the promise you were so excited about and it comes to a great close as you prepare to reach another eager group of Reading Specialists in the summer. Great to have your continued support!

Essay Writing said...

Ooh I like this Some people write with words like they are paint brushes. And your post today is a beautiful masterpiece! Thanks for sharing!

nfinney said...

Thanks for all your feedback on a number of my posts. Seeing the interaction of the viewer with my content is refreshing and energizing. I appreciate the generosity of your remarks and look forward to future comments you choose to leave.

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