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Monday, September 2, 2013

(Not) Just Another School Year

This year will be different…

Welcome your students with a new kind of message - one that imparts hope, excitement and promise:

“This year is yours to learn.”

1. My year is not planned. I have no intention of putting you through the same activities and assignments that your older siblings have done. Our focus for learning may be the same – but the way that we get there will be according to your learning needs (not my teaching needs).

2. Success or failure is up to you. I have zero interest (or intention) on ‘getting you through this year.’ Take your own learning into your own hands. I will support, guide and facilitate – but it will be you that holds the keys to your own success. I will not make excuses for you – nor will your parents – it is up to you to realize your centrality in this year’s educational plan.

3. Learning is paramount to your personal development. I absolutely recognize that your social networks, personal interests and skills are important to you – they are also important to me. That is why I will do what I can to weave them into my teaching practice. You will see yourself in our curriculum. They are the guiding principles framing our learning together – but they need a face and a perspective – yours, the student.

Let this year get messy. Let yourself fall into the deep, dark abyss that is the unknown. Take on new challenges and learn what it means to love learning – yourself.

I promise you that this will be your year of inspiration, reflection and passion – if you throw away the same old worksheets and craft new learning experiences with an entirely new (and refreshed!) group of students.

Let the journey begin! You are doing the work that matters in helping to bring about new, profound changes to the way we reach students and guide learning.

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cyeo said...

Great ideas for the beginning of the new school year! Inspiring, as usual!

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